Quickchange Rear Ends for Early Fords

Just for the nostalgia hot rodder, an affordable Quickchange rear conversion that fits early Ford axle housings. Uses your original parts and retains the differential action. Gives you that old time Hot Rod look. No special parts to purchase. Uses stock 1940-48 Ford rear hubs and brakes. Great for Model A's, Deuce Hiboy's and many other applications. Not intended for racing or high horsepower vehicles.

Quickchange Kit Information

  • Fits 1935-48 Ford V8's
  • Complete kit featuring Winter's components that use original axles, housings and carrier
  • All new parts including assembly instructions
  • 4:11 Ring & Pinion
  • 3:48 Final Gear set

Quickchange Rear End Assembled

Quickchange Rear End Kit

Quickchange Kit Options

Quickchange Open Drive Line

Open Drive Line
$1395.00 (Plain)
$1895.00 (Polished)

Quickchange Closed Torque Tube

Closed Torque Tube
$1525.00 (Plain)
$2175.00 (Polished)

Quickchange Optional Covers

Optional Covers
Smooth or standard

Quickchange full view

Quickchange with Trumpet Style Housings

Styled after the popular early Ford axle housings

Just for the nostalgia hot rodder that wants a complete original style quick change rear conversion for that old time hot rod look. Uses late model pull out axles with all new parts. Includes open driveline yolk and uses late model Ford style backing plates, brakes and axles. Great for Model A’s, Deuce Hiboy’s and many other applications. This unit is not intended for racing, but can be used with higher horsepower vehicles.

Quickchange full view Quickchange optional cover

Retail prices:
Plain w/ gear set: $3250.00
Polished w/ gear set: $3875.00
Optional polished V8 cover: add $100.00
Optional stainless steel bolt kit: $135.00

New Champ and Banjo Steel Tube & Bell Rears also available.

Torque Tube Drive Shaft

Torque Tube Drive Shaft

A cut to length drive shaft for your cut-down torque tube banjo rear or your torque tube Quickchange. Just follow the instructions and measure the distance from the U-Joint to the pinion and cut drive shaft to length (60" tube supplied). Great for A-V8 conversions or altered wheel base cars.

(Image shows scaled version of torque tube)

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